Backed by a legacy of old-world craftsmanship, the sincerity of an exceptional staff and the efforts of standout craftsman, Nicklyn builders is sure to produce a home you'll be proud to own.

Nicklyn Builders provides advanced technology features that save you energy and money while providing increased comfort.

R-50 Attic Insulation
Insulation blankets our home in comfort and quiet. Higher insulation levels in the attic means better energy performance and energy savings.


92% Efficient Furnace
Your furnace uses up to twenty percent less energy than standard models. That means you could save up to $80 each year on your home's heating bills.


Tight Construction
Our homes are sealed with caulks, foams, weather stripping, gaskets, and door sweeps to reduce drafts and keep out harmful pollutants, pollen and pests.


High Performance Windows
High-performance windows with low-e coatings help keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. They also block damaging ultraviolet sunlight that can fade carpets, interior finishes and furniture.


Home Energy Rating
An independent third party inspection and testing process ensures that your home meets the EPA's strict guidelines for energy efficiency.



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